Introducing the Chilly GOAT

Presenting a bold concept: Imagine ice-cold water but without the need for actual ice.

With the Chilly GOAT, you now have the ability to enjoy refreshingly cold and pure water whenever you desire. Whether you’re pushing your limits during intense workouts or focusing on your overall health, the Chilly GOAT can elevate your best self. Experience faster recovery, a boosted immune system, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, and numerous other benefits

84” X 42” X 30”

120 gallons

40° – 104° F


  • Standard Limited Warranty
  • Deluxe Insulated Cover with Safety Locks
  • 1-Year Water Care Kit info icon
  • (2) Water Care Filters
  • Fill Filter (for your garden hose)
  • Drain Hose & Skimmer Net
  • Choose your color (Alpine Terrain or Alpine Glacier)





Dimensions: 4" x 42" x 30" (214 cm x 107 cm x 77 cm)
Fill Volume: 120 gallons (455 L)
Dry Weight: 560 lbs (255 kg)
Full Weight: 1750 lbs (794 kg)
Power Requirement: 120V / 15Amp
Horsepower: 2.1 hp
Jets: 2
LED Lighting: Yes
Seating Capacity: 1


  • All-weather cabinet: Teak or warm grey color
  • Acrylic shell: White or grey
  • Grey/Black SoftTread™ Nonslip Comfort Flooring
  • Self-contained chiller
  • Temperature Range: 40° – 104° F
  • WiFi app
  • Water purification system
  • 24-hour circulation pump
  • Dual flow jets
  • LED lighting
  • Built-in seat and armrests
  • Top deck
  • 12 ft. / 15 Amp GFCI cord
  • Built-in drainA


Revolutionizing cold water therapy for those who strive to be bold

Crafted with meticulous attention to every aspect, the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub by Master Spas offers an unparalleled experience of cold water therapy, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience. The Chilly GOAT boasts dynamic water movement that eliminates any thermal barriers, complemented by soothing LED lights that create a delightful ambiance. Bid farewell to the hassle of acquiring bag after bag of ice and indulge in the refreshing purity of ice-cold water precisely when you need it.

Cold to hot

The days of lugging bags of ice for your cooldown are over. Thanks to the Chilly GOAT’s impressively robust 2.1-horsepower chiller, you now have the capability to chill the water to a refreshing 40 degrees or warm it to a comforting 104 degrees. Here’s more, the chiller is self-contained and requires nothing more than simply plugging it in for an effortless setup.


Have WiFi? The Chilly GOAT certainly does. Easily control the temperature of your cold tub right from your smartphone.

In the cold seat

How do you wish to immerse yourself? The Chilly GOAT offers a comfortable space with its built-in seat and armrests, creating the perfect environment to embrace the discomfort. The innovative design includes a top deck that allows you to submerge your lower body, rest your arms, or even place your phone securely while enjoying the coolest playlist. Notably, the SoftTread™ Nonslip Comfort Flooring ensures both comfort and safety within the cold tub.

Easy water care

Cold therapy lies in the use of cold, pure water. The Chilly GOAT Cold Tub incorporates a built-in filtration system, including UV technology, to maintain crystal-clear and clean water with minimal chemical usage. Additionally, each Chilly GOAT Cold Tub includes a year’s supply* of chemicals, ensuring you have everything you need for a worry-free experience.
* The amount of chemicals required can vary depending on how many people use the tub and how frequently people are in the water.

Cool, calm, and protected

The Chilly GOAT is more than a tub. Its captivating and well-considered design seamlessly complements any indoor or outdoor space. The all-weather, durable cabinet is easy to clean, while the full foam insulation effectively preserves the chill. For added convenience, the internal drain simplifies maintenance, enabling effortless draining and refilling of your cold tub every three to four months.


The standard limited warranty includes 2 years of protection for the shell structure and shell surface. There is a one-year protection on the equipment, plumbing, wall fittings, LED light system, UV system, and nonslip floor system.
Chilly GOAT Cold Tubs require 120V/15-amp service. Master Spas recommends using a dedicated GFCI circuit to power your cold tub.

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