Cold Plunging Guidelines

Blog Cold Plunging Guidelines Pointers on how to safely and effectively cold plunge. #1 Start Gradually If you are new to cold plunging, start with shorter durations and lower water temperatures. Allow your body to adjust gradually to the cold water. #2 Find the Right Temperature The water temperature should be cold but not painfully […]

Cold Tub Benefits

Blog Cold Tub Benefits Cold Plunges: Health Benefits and More Cold plunge therapy has gained favor among athletes and longevity experts for a reason: the potential benefits are extensive and supported by scientific findings. Experts say cold water immersion can: Cold Plunges: Health Benefits and More Cold plunges can aid in reducing muscle soreness and […]

Cold Tub Fundamentals

Blog Cold Tub Fundamentals What is cold tub plunging? And other questions about cold plunging. Are you intrigued by the potential advantages and drawbacks of cold water immersion? It appears that an increasing number of individuals, including those you know, are practicing lowering their shower temperatures and engaging in cold plunges.Cold tub plunging, also known […]

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